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Fashion Coos Reviews: Eternal Creation {Ethical Fashion}

sometimes getting the best stuff involves leaving your neighborhood. in this case, we travel to the dali lama's hood, the town of dharamsala in the foot hills of the indian himalayas to track down the best old fashion grandpa pajamas for kids.
the fair trade company eternal creation has a range of handcrafted (really!), children's, women's and men's wear that is ethically produced at the himalayan tailoring center by tibetan refugees and local indian tailors. 

i have this weird sweet spot for sleepwear. i am always looking for nice pj's that don't break the bank, which usually means the bargain rack at the gap. so, my heart skipped a beat browsing the selection of sleepwear on eternal creations site from classic pajama's straight out of 1956 to boxer and tank sets that could be found in a high-end department store.

eternal creation sent me a pair of pajamas to review. when the package arrived, i knew i was in for something special. 
once you place your order, the team in india cuts and hand tailors your garments, then packs it in a muslin sack, stitches it up--seals it with wax?--and sends it off to you.
the pajamas are of the absolute highest quality: this is old world tailoring. i had fallen in love with the sweet dinosaur print online. i was pleased to find the cotton thick and soft, with beautiful details like a little pocket on the front of the shirt and a banded hem on the shorts. the fit is a bit big, but i always hope for big since these little guys grow an inch overnight.  the sleepwear collection comes in sizes 0-10 yrs; $20-$50 for summer styles (dino print is $27); and $24 for the winter styles. eternal creation is offering coos & ahhs readers free shipping on all orders. enter FBSHIP at check out.


  1. Love these! such sweet things and a great company to support! Might have to get something for everyone in the family!

  2. Oh wow, these look great! Looks so soft too.. love it.


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