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Word of the Week: RAINBOW!

last week we had a giant rainstorm followed by henry's first rainbow and it was a double too! he went wild... you can see what i mean here. he's still talking about it!

10. suns and rainbows tee, love it love it love it 11. lulu&nat rainbow tapestry 12. brights and stripes rainbow pants, peter and jane 13. flensted rainbow mobile 14. molo rainbow romper, peter and jane 15. topo ranchito tee, ron robinson 16. a rainbow of my own book 17. naef rainbow, fawn & forest 18. lulu&nat rainbow blanket


  1. awww, i love those lil' rainbow turtles!  this post has me thinking about my old cheerbear  :-)

  2. Awww- the video made my smile :) Also- jealous of your curls.


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