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Adorn: 2nd Birthday Bash Planning

i am diving into full on birthday party planning mode for henry's second. i am working on a mash-up of themes: part circus, part old fashioned/traditional birthday. i just got the eco-garlands from hip hooray today. they are beautiful and made from a stone paper--how cool! here is a bit of my inspiration board.
i want to be a crafty blogger and share some of my decorating projects along the way, but they never make it here. truth is i am super crafty, it's just that i am usually doing a project in my pj's at 1:00 am and don't have the energy or the light to photograph the process. i will post some finished project pix this weekend!

p.s. does anyone know where in the us to find polka dot paper cups and plates?


  1. not polka dotted but i LOVE these:
    then take pics and share!!! :) happy pre-bday Sir H!

  2. i love those too! but OZ? that is further than france :(

  3. Hi from Louisa love your blog btw found you via Hip Hip Hooray on Facebook  from Little Big Company from both my SILs in the happy to post the but I think Shop Sweet Lulu, you will love her the US might have some....xxxx
    am on Facebook and love crafting things!  and styling parties.Louisaxxxx

  4. i JUST found shop sweet lulu today and they do have them, but out of stock (tears). thank you so much for the compliment and comment. xo

  5. Ooooh! Love your inspiration board! Hope it was a fun birthday. I love the circus and anything retro & playful.


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