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Coos Reviews: Dolphin Organics, Natural and Proud!

dolphin organics is a new line of organic baby care products that takes the natural thing a step further by labeling the ingredients as clear as day. so you know what you are rubbing all over baby's beautiful skin is in fact from mother nature. all four products in the line are fragrance free, tear free, vegan, hypoallergenic and made with at least 70% organic material. but the real question is: do they work?
i am that slacker wantabe green person who only buys eco-handsoap because it smells good and when it comes to cleaning, i pull out the powertools like scrubbing bubbles and bleach because most eco-branded cleaners do not work. that said, i only use natural-ish products on my boy: california baby and erba organics are some of my faves. i have been stung by other green body care products in the past--nothing is worse than dishing out $15 on an bubble bath and it doesn't make bubbles! 

the good news is: dolphin organics isn't just natural, it works! the dolphin product line includes: a baby shampoo & bodywash combo; lotion; conditioner; and bubble bath--all come in generous sizes. the bubble bath is bubbly. the shampoo/bodywash combo is gentle. the conditioner is silky--it easily released tangles and made henry's hair extra curly! the lotion is hydrating and easy to apply. everything is fragrance free, but it still has a nice smell and i love knowing that there is no weird dyes or chemicals to worry about. dolphin organics has my coo of approval! available at retailers nationwide and at


  1. everythingtimesthreeAugust 7, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    have you tried mrs. myers cleaning products?  eco, good smelling, and they actually work!  a bit expensive, tho.

  2. that is the hand soap i mentioned! i love the myers line, but can it clean your toilet bowl? maybe i need to branch out :)

  3. everythingtimesthreeAugust 7, 2011 at 11:09 PM

    i can't say i have tried their toilet bowl cleaner, if they have one... (admission: i usually use lysol or whatever for that, though in a pinch i have squirted a lil' dr. bronner's in and it has worked fine!) but i love their all-purpose cleaner, their dishsoap (the only eco dishsoap that lasts more then 2 seconds on your sponge) and their powder cleanser is almost as good as comet but smells a million times better.  and the laundry soap smells like heaven!  especially the "baby" scent...

  4. I use Dr. Bronner's for just about everything--toilet bowl included! I add baking soda to it for scrubbing and then rinse with white vinegar. This combo works wonders, is non-toxic and super eco-friendly! If I'm in a rush, I will resort to using 7th Generation disinfecting spray for cleaning, especially on little bunny's potty.

  5. Ooh, and I love the packaging.. wonder if it's sold in Canada too.

  6. @cprkdes Glad to hear you like our bottles, we are pretty psyched about them ourselves. We aren't yet in any stores in Canada, but we do ship there!

  7. @cprkdes Glad to hear you like our bottles, we are pretty
    psyched about them ourselves. We aren't yet in any stores in Canada, but
    we do ship there!


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