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Fashion Coos: Blue Winter

feeling blue about winter? there is a reason!

i know we are all in a bit of denial about summer coming to an end, but before we know it we'll be bundling up our little ones! you heard it here before, but i gotta say it again: blue is in! here are some of my must have pieces from the fall/winter collections...
1. zigzag tee 2. esp no.1 hat 3. esp no.1 striped sweater 4. blue dot tee 5. esp no. 1 skinny jean 6. bobo choses blue owl 7. natives miller shoe 8. caramel baby & child trousers 9. caramel baby&child v-neck sweater 10. sunbird sweats 11. polarn o. pyret  braided blue belt 12. petit bateau cardigan

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