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Fashion Coos: New from Oeuf

oeuf never disappoints... and this fall they introduce some really fun new clothing, goodies and decor!

oeuf is the master of simple yet fun pieces like this 100% baby alpaca lighting sweater: part ziggy stardust and part super hero! 

nevermind plastic! these adorable knitted clown nose and jumbo mustache are just in time for halloween.
i am adding both of these new garlands (lights and clouds) to my christmas wish list... and yes, that is a big apple!

 keep your little person warm and sassy with a baby alpaca lion bandana--very clever!


  1. I always love all of their stuff but out of these things- I think I like the hat gloves & apple best. The lightening bolt sweater is pretty great too. :)

  2. Thank you! so honored to be featured here. I am a fan. And seeing images of my 2 very own kiddos on top of it makes it extra special. 
    Big Merci.


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