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Word of the Week: Bug!

i am not exactly psyched for the word this week: it's bug. please reference the coral & tusk pillow (no.8).

that is one thing about new york city i really hate: the cockroach. we have a great exterminator but he has been m.i.a. for a few months. it was a hot humid evening, post h's bath when a massive, water bug--actually this was one of the flying kind. (yes, we have those here) comes scurrying out. in seven years, i have never seen a bigger one--i thought it was a mouse! thank the lord my husband was home to take charge. needless to say, i freak the f out, screaming, running around with a wet baby in my arms.  i grabbed the vogue bambini throw it to my husband and SMACK!  after the commotion, henry wide-eyed says "w-hoooa....bug! bug! bug! bug!..." ...and put on repeat for the next 15 minutes. it was rainbow x10.

1. new generals dragonfly tank 2. oeuf alpaca butterflies 3. kltworks creepy crawly plush 4. boon waterbugs 5. green bugs plate 6. pete seeger's birds, beasts, bugs & fishes 7. tinou insects poster 8. coral & tusk roach surrender pillow  9. new generals giant beetle onesie 10. vilac ladybug 11. p'kolino bug puzzle 12. bugs by numbers

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  1. Love these bug picks! Thanks for including Steve. Hope your weekend includes lots of fun driving in your red car. :)


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