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Ahhs: Animal Books for Toddlers

we are reading a lot of animal book these days. here are new ones and oldies that are our favorites these days! 

1. over in the meadow, an adorably illustrated 1970s folk-y song book, loaded with little critters.

2. zeal of zebras, i am obsessed with this brand new book! not only because it is chock full of beautiful pictures of animals, but you learn all the crazy collective nouns for animals! so now i can say, "oh there goes an ostentation of peacocks!"

3. bruno munari's zoo, this is a classic and if you don't know munari's illustrations check them out!

4. rosie's walk, a graphically stunning and a cute story about a hen that goes for a walk.

check out more titles we are reading and loving now at books to coo about!

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