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Coos Reviews: Modern Heirlooms from Learning Materials Workshop

i am tempted to just post photos of the toys from learning materials workshop and not write a word--my eyeballs have a sugar high! founded in 1979 in vermont by artist/educator/toy historian karen hewitt, learning materials workshop focuses on creative, open-ended play that appeals to childern and adults alike.

learning materials workshop sent me one of their newest additions to review: the coloraturo. after i stopped drooling over the colors, i unpacked the 72 wood pieces and got to work. i think i spent a good hour arranging colors, building towers, and knocking the blocks around until my husband said, "okay! enough!" the painted blocks are quite durable--i have similar products that the paint has chip off and it drives me crazy. you will never find more pleasure in putting a toy away than this one! for ages 3 and up. this would make a great gift for an architect or designer.

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  1. love everything! thanks for introducing me to this  company. love the  beautiful products and their philosophy on open ended play


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