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Dear Australia, I Hate You!

this post is to let the country of australia know it's on notice!

i hate you for taking away my dear friend and mama in crime. i hate you for taking with her, her sweet little girl who is henry's best friend. i hate you for being so far away. i hate you for your crazy time difference. i hate your expensive flights. the only way i will forgive you australia is if you move just off the coast of coney island.

to let my readers know how much i hate australia right now, i am going share with you some lovely things that come from that terrible place :)
1. walnut shoes 2. little horn baby tee and short 3. elks & angels bear 4. apple & bee tote 5. country road stripe onesie 6. bobangles trolley case 7. old soles shoes

needless to say, i don't really hate australia, i just wish it wasn't so far away. i miss you vicky. xo


  1. Aw.. although I know this post is in jest (yes?).. when I read about Henry's best friend and your partner in crime moving far away, I got a lump in my throat. That is hard, so very hard.. So.. up yours you gorgeous beautiful sunny land of crocs Oz! there. Feel any better? 

  2. yeah! yeah! let's got kick the kangaroo out of australia! lump-city... i feel like such baby but it's so hard to have a close move that far away. (sob) and, yes miss c, i do feel better. xoxo

  3. oh dear.....although they must know they are coming to the best country on earth ;-)! 
    Walnut shoes are the best and as much as we don't have access to down under, we do have some amazing designers!

  4. Oh god this is the first C&A post that made me cry! xo

  5. this is by far the sweetest, zaniest, and saddest post all in one! how will you categorize this one??!! love the picks though, but your BFF leaving, not so much :(


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