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Hunt & Gather: Sienna Loves Kai {Discount}

load up on winter warmies at the uk-based shop sienna loves kai. get 30% off the lastest collections from bobo choses, mini rodini, imps & elfs, kidcase and more! don't worry, they have flat-rate shipping...
coos & ahhs readers get 30% off their whole order* when you enter SAVE30 at checkout. this offer is valid till september 23, 2011 *excludes toys and crazy stuff helmets. happy shopping!


  1. Yippee! Thank you! :) 

  2. let me know if you get anything! 

  3. zoinks ! i think i must have those bear leggings for claire bear - they area soooo cute! Are you getting anything maybe we can orfer together and share shipping!


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