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Ahhs: Deuz Answers My Prayers!

i can honestly say that trying to find a playmat that i could live with was a huge motivator to start this blog. even with hours, probably days of playmat research under my belt, there wasn't one that rocked my world. until now...
i am beyond elated to tell you dear readers that the search is over! the smart and talented sisters over at deuz gave us what we were looking for: a playmat that is simple, well-designed, and fun for baby... and just to really stick to everyone (in a good way) it's organic and washable! 

the word on the street is it isn't cheap, but this thing is so pretty, i don't care how much it is! the other bad news is deuz products are easy to find stateside. our friends over at shak-shuka have given me the heads up that they will be carrying the mats in november and they ship worldwide for one low flat rate!

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