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Fashion Coos: Dressy Looks for Fall & Winter

a reader wrote me today asking where she could find clothes for her 21 month-old for a winter black tie wedding. it's a darn good question! it is hard to find clothes that work for a fancy event, and doesn't make your child look ridiculous. older boys (2 and up) have it a bit easier since crewcuts has a whole formal department, but it ain't cheap.

 i think the key is to try to resist the temptation of dressing him in grown-up dress clothes--babies can get away with more than an adult. dark colors read formal, so when in doubt just go with a dark palette. here are some affordable options for dressing up that baby boy...

8. urban sunday minneapolis bowtie 9. hanna andersson oxford shirt 10. gap dress pants 11. olive juice bennet vest 12. polarn urban chinos 13. urban sunday raleigh necktie 14. footmates oxfords 15. old navy herringbone boots

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