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Ahhs: Halloween from Sarah Silk's {Giveaway!!}

halloween either makes your heart skip a beat or strikes fear into it knowing you have to conceive of and create a costume for your tot. fear not! the cool, eco-company sarah's silks has a full line of beautifully made costumes (knights, dragons, wizards, oh my!) that will make for an easy breezy halloween and nice enough to be used for years to come! the even better news is sarah silk's is giving away a dragon costumes to two--yes two!--lucky coos & ahhs readers!

{the giveaway}
what you will win: a one-piece (complete with hood, wings, wing handles, cape and tail) dragon costume constructed out of soft, natural silk. retail value $59.95

two winners, two ways to enter:  
1. leave a comment on this post telling me what your lil dragon is planning for halloween or what is your little one's favorite dress-up game. (one winner will be chosen from comments)

2. another winner will be chosen by becoming a fan of sarah's silks on facebookor enter both ways to double your chances!

open to us, canadian, and european residents! two winners will be chosen at random after close of giveaway on wed, october 12, 2011


  1. Alex is going to be a "guck"-- a duck! All birds are gucks and trucks are gucks too. And I used the F-word in the car the other day and he said "guck". Right. Guck. :-)

  2. My little guy is going to be spiderman and the little lady is going to be sleeping beauty... but both my kids love to dress up... from trains , bats to dorthy and magicans... it is allways so much fun watching them.


  3. princess, princess and ballerina! basically anything that is in the family of pink or purple is the name of our dress-up game. slowly we're branching out - the other day it was firefighters! gotta love dress up and the way kids use their imagination 

  4. My 6 year old son, who is obsessed with everything Muppets, is going to be Jim Henson for Halloween.  He has the whole thing planned out- the beard, sweatband, jeans and kermit puppet.   Should be a hoot!  Happy Halloween!!

  5. Birdie goes back and forth between wanting to be her favorite stuffed animal - Mo the Kitty, or playing with her superhero cape from last year!

  6. what kid does not want to be a dragon?  it's like the cherry on a sunday...
    you can be anything and combo-dragon it to make it super cool...
    ups man dragon style! firefighter dragon (it's own worst enemy), princess dragon!...

  7. I haven't come up with a good enough idea yet for my son Presley- a silk dragon would be perfect and good for regular play the rest of the year too!

  8. eeeeekkkk.... here I am... :)
    just before the end and you know I would love to see my boy in this, he would be so stinkin' cuteeee
    xoxo and fingers crossed

  9. My little one is going to be whatever I can think of for the next two weeks because we have let the days go rolling without much planning - ahhh ugh! Ideally, he would want something truly boyish and mean and, dragon, ninja...but since I can't sew to save my life...something easy but not store-bough (a painter...a mad scientist...). Obviously I need help!!

  10. My little one (1.5 years old) likes to play as an elephant!

  11. My little guy wants to be optimus prime!  Love it. 


  12. i LOve the little dragon costume! My little kiddoes have not decided on their costumes yet. My boy wants to be a wizard right now, and my girl keeps going back and forth between a witch or a monarch butterfly.  We love Sarah' Silks.  Thank you for the chance!  enchantedtree(at)

  13.  i'm already a  fan of Sarah's silks on facebook! tree tiemeyer



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