Adorn: A Winter-y Wonderland from Buymodernbaby {Guest Post}

today we have special winter post from the most mod-mama on the block: esther from buymodernbaby...

it's not QUITE winter yet and temps here in florida are still in the 80s, but holiday shopping is in full swing so I'm trying to channel "icy winter wonderland" to get in the proper frame of mind.  if you're more of a last minute holiday shopper, then bookmark this one and come back after thanksgiving!
1. pendant lamp 2. polar bear band print 3. matryoshka cloth doll 4. village wall stickers 5. dot fitted crib sheet 6. polar bear animal box 7. vetro crib 8. block lamp 9. watu kwa amani pillow 10. ghost chair 11. sheepskin rug


  1. Great selection and post!

  2. Mari, Small for BigNovember 9, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    Great selections Esther!


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