Ahhs: The UppaBaby Cruz

as a mother and lovah of uppababy, i am so excited for the new uppa cruz. all the fabulous features of the full-sized vista packed into a compact and lightweight (15 lbs) frame! i pushed it around at the giggle store last week and was impressed! do i need another stroller? 


  1. at 15lb...this could be the answer to my issue with my G-luxe...it's fine, but very little storage for shopping, and anything slung on the handles ends up tipping the stroller back...and this happens alot. This thing looks like a great grocery shopping tool!

  2. i know... i am pretty smitten with it...it takes all the bulk out of the vista but still with the good basket, seat, etc!

  3. yes, you DO need another stroller ;-)


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