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Fashion Coos: We Were Made in the Dark

i like to think most babies were probably made in the dark--what do you think? (can we get a survey here?) and since we're about to step into a good 6 months of dark and cold, why not bundle your little bub in some blacks and grays! (oh god, am i depressed?!)
1.  star bodysuit (french blossom) 2. black baby cardigan (smallable) 3. oxford shoe (giggle) 4. snuggle bunny (sweet william) 5. baby slippers (nordic kids) 6. bamboo romper (estella) 8. grey baby booties (smallable) 9. wool baby bloomers (sweet william)


  1. I love the title of this post (is this a song?), and definitely love seeing black on the little ones. Especially when I had a OVERLOAD of pinks given to me, having some solid blacks to team with the girly colors made a world of difference. And yes..made in the dark

  2. Yes, it's that Hot Chip song...I think...

  3. Love your collage!! Someone just gave me the little pig bank in white but its on my desk not the kids.  Mine is in white.  My days of buying cute little clothing like that are over but always fun to see what's out there!
    see you in paul and paula blog group.. 
    Just realized you are in Blyn.  I live downtown manhattan...


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