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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for our Littlest Ones

gosh, can you believe it's that time already? i feel like time is going into warp drive! i am doing four guides this season with a bit of a festive design starting with babies...
1. keep feet cozy and warm with these tane organics booties 2. heirloom-quality handmade elephant pull toy 3. hello! jcrew has babies stuff now!! say i love you with a cashmere sweater 4. keep baby entertained with a playmat from duez 5. knit rattles by blablakids are soft and sweet just like someone else! 6. wooden picture books that will last a lifetime 7. the happiest cotton suit by smafolk 8. make sure baby knows there is a sun despite the dark winter days with a sunshine rattle by ambi


  1. Thank goodness! I have been waiting for JCrew's line since before I even HAD a baby! jeez.

  2. lOOOOOOOOve that cashmere sweater... NY here I come for XMas!!! Hmmm, now have to find the good shopping addresses, see what else can I find that I will not find in Europe :)


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