Weekend Sign Off

i am busy getting the apartment together for a baby shower i am hosting for one of my good friends this weekend. theme: hong kong style high tea! (year of the rabbit!!) the decor is a little quirky...didn't want to go overboard with chinese decorations. wondering how we'll fit 30 people into my apartment?! have a great weekend and i will post more pix next week.

Hunt & Gather: Mother's Day Memories

sorry to be a terribly boring blogger cliché, but i had to post a mother's day gift guide! the theme here is custom gifts...forward this to your hubby asap! 
1. engraved locket 2. i hate perfume custom blended fragrance 3. i found these amazing silhouette necklaces over at shak-shuka's blog, mr. coo's, this is what i want!!! last year i did a mother's day guide on silhouettes! 4. sven custom clogs 5. photo pendant 6. nameplate necklace

Fashion Coos: Perfect Summer Shirts for Little Sweeties

i spotted these shirts last fall at the hester street fair on the lower eastside and i had to wait till now (spring) to post--it has been torture! ha! aren't they adorable? i need to headover there and get one. check out the kids collection including more amazing prints from julia raja at www.juliraja.com.

We're All Over the Place!

i've been guest posting my pants off these days!

on monday, i did a post for one of dear mommy blogger friends peggy at paul & paula: a little greater new york. featuring some of my favorite new york designers. it was fun to include some little girl's stuff!

today, i have a summer style guide on the new york boutique estella's blog. while you are there, they have10% off all jellycats this week. henry loves his babacar! i'll be popping up all over in may too.
oh, and a belated happy easter/passover/spring to everyone! we took a ferry ride since the weather was so nice. henry's sporting his easter outfit. we had to put trousers on instead of his opus liberty print shorts since it wasn't quite warm enough.

Hunt & Gather: Jammies from Pearl River Mart

i am still obsessing over summer jammies and these fit the bill. too bad i don't have a five year old.

Night time Splurge and Steal

transform your child's bed into a starry sky with either the silkscape from sarahsilks or the star tent from ikea! how fun would bedtime be with a flashlight and a bedtime story?

Coos Reviews: Gunapod Sleepsack

why do some of the simplest ideas take so long to come to market? it took more than a century after the suitcase was invented for every suitcase to have wheels on it. fifteen years after the first sleepsack hit the market, we finally have one that does it all: the gunapod.

this is a revolution in infant sleeping. why? the concept is the zipper that runs around the whole seam of the blanket so you can unzip feet for walking; open the front and bottom to change a diaper without waking your baby; unzip the front to cool them down; or open the whole blanket up so you can lay a sleeping baby in it and zip them in.

when my box arrived in the mail last week and i opened the gunapod i was instantly wooed. the fabric is a creamy soft fleece and the zipper that seemed a little fussy when i saw a demo at the gift fair earlier this year, is amazing. the construction is of the best quality and the zipper moves smoothly. now, i haven't used a sleep sack in more than 6 months--i figured henry was too big, even though i get up a couple times a night to adjust his covers. so, i was a little nervous how henry was going to accept this bag, but once i got him in it he loved it! i had the bottom unzipped so he could walk around and he slept like an angel and so did i knowing he'd be cozy warm all night long. buy at gunamuna.com

Fashion Coos: Indian Dreams {Summer Sleepwear}

i have been on this night time kick lately: pajamas, blankets, nightlights and bedtime stories. i think because our night time routine has become so easy and fun...and there is something about the warm weather and spring air that makes me excited about jammies and soft blankets. this week my posts will have a bedtime theme. here is sleepwear to keep your little guy cool and comfy on hot summer nights.

Ahhs: Seedling {EcoPlay}

how could i not post good things for little boys? seedling is all about making simple fun toys for kids that help them explore their world. that seems pretty good for earth day- yes? kit contains: wooden balloon boat, juggling balls, pencil, dominoes, glider plane, playing cards & small white pad.

Fashion Coos: Kate Quinn {EcoWear}

kate quinn organics is just one of many eco-clothing lines out there that uses only organic fibers. i just had to use this picture--can i have that baby?!  i simply love the beautiful colors, interesting prints, and endless sleepwear options--really into sleepy time right now, you will see next week! 

Ahhs: Critters {EcoPlay}

i'm in chicago for the next two days on a business trip...a real business trip no pleasure this visit. the kenana knitter critters kill me. they are so quirky and cute--and of course knitted in rural kenya by a women's coop. i especially love this angry looking rat!

Adorn: Organic Bedding from Plover {EcoSleep}

i could write a short essay here on all the green practices plover includes in the production of these beautiful linens, but you can read it for yourself on their website. instead i want to write about the amazing designs they offer for kids. these crib sets are unlike any other designs out there: pinwheel flowers paired with graphic dots; thorns speckled with yellow berries; and soft grey vines adorn the plover collection. the prices are surprisingly reasonable. shop plover here.

You Can Vote if You Want to!
vote ONCE a day everyday till may 9: circle of moms top 25 kids' style

Ahhs: Giant Cargo Ships

these giant wooden cargo ships by postlerferguson bring the classic wooden toy into the twenty-first century. they are almost too pretty to play with!

Ahhs: Flessenboot {EcoPlay}

in honor of earth day this week. i am going to post fantastic eco/green products. starting off with this clever toy from the industrial designer floris hovers that uses old shampoo bottles as the base. 

Ahhs: It's War!!

the uncensored collection from kidsonroof embraces the fact that even the gentlest little boys like to play war from time to time. i guess i can't say no to a powder pink missile launcher.

Ahhsome this Week

Fashion Coos: Basically Awesome

once upon a time not that long ago,  it was almost impossible to find nice basic clothing for kids and babies. all that was available was white onesies or sailor suits. luckily we have some great options these days. here are just a few of my favorites:
 the danish eco-brand pop up shop offers über hip and comfy basics 

the newcomers phoenix and nola just launched an e-store were you can pick-up colorful tees and graphic sweatshirts

yporque offers edgy pieces and the infant line even includes instructions for beginner parents!! 

ever/after's basics aren't just super functional and stylish, with every purchase you can donate a portion of the money toward a charity of your choosing

super luxe and prices to match the sumptuous basic pieces from nui organics 

and duh, american apparel! it's not just that they advertise on this site, that i love them, they have really expanded the line beyond solid onesies and tanks with jeans, stripes and shoes--all at great prices!

Adorn: Stools by Namhee

 handmade stools by namhee

Ahhs: Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies!!!

i think i could easily have a blog only about bunnies. i love that easter gives me an excuse to do a bunny inspired round-up! if you are looking for easter gifts make sure to check out my bunny books in the my book store, books to coo about! 

Fashion Coos: Bamboo Collection from Estella

if seeing all these beautiful colors on one page doesn't make you swoon, then wait till you get your hands on the butter softness of the bamboo collection from estella. these high quality simple pieces made from sustainable bamboo make for the perfect newborn gift or something silky soft for your little bunny this easter. shop the whole collection at estella

Fashion Coos: Mix-n-Match Summer Essentials

the weather is finally warming up across the northern hemisphere and we can get serious about summer fashion! here are some great pieces in prints and patterns to mix-n-match that will keep your little one looking cool all summer long. 

Coos Reviews: Boon Potty Bench

i am getting ready to embark on the process of potty training. we are just in the preliminary phase—i won’t get aggro about it till henry is two, but i want to get him started with the idea. actually the whole thing kind of boggles my mind: potty training in new york city? what do we do when it’s TIME and we are three stories underground? pee on the subway tracks i guess? i am sure i will have some stories this fall.

to get started boon sent me a potty bench to checkout. honestly, of all the potty seats out there, the boon seat is probably both the most aesthetically pleasing and the largest. so i was a little nervous since our bathroom is about the size of the average person’s pantry. after i got it unpacked and placed it in my tiny, tiny bathroom, it wasn’t so bad. i love that when the lid is down the bench seconds as a step stool, which, right now, it is getting a lot of use as.

the potty bench is definitely the rolls-royce of potty seats. it features two storage containers--one with a toilet paper dispenser--the potty pot slides open for easy dumping and cleaning; and it has a removable pee guard, which i hear is essential! all the compartments open and slide with ease and feel solid. the wide seat is comfortable for little bums and just the right height, no worrying about the whole operation tipping over. now, if i could just get henry to pee in it! 

keep up to with the latest news from boon on facebook and twitter.

Adorn: Two-in-One Changing Table from Laurette

if you haven't noticed already, i love me a piece of furniture that has two lives! the buffet surprise from laurette is no exception, it goes from a buffet to a changing table. a m a z i n g! it's available in an array of the loveliest colors and you can choose your interior color as well. another great product to add to the list of "things we need stateside."

Coos Reviews: Moon Man

the second phaidon press book i am reviewing this week is also by the same award-winning illustrator tomi ungerer. moon man is a funny story to read as an adult: the moon man wants to have fun with the earth people, but when he comes down to earth he is chased and jailed. that said, the story is packed with subtle satire and wit. children will enjoy this quirky tale with the message of: there is no place like home. the illustrations are vibrant and bold and overall a very original book. buy it at books to coo about.

Ahh Presents!!! FlexiBath {Giveaway}

it has been a great celebration! i hope you have enjoyed all the giveaways. but all good things must come to an end. the final ahh presents!!! birthday giveaway extravaganza goes out with an bang...er...or a splash!

last may i was raving about the innovative flexibath tub from prince lionheart. the flexibath is both deep and roomy for baby, but also folds flat for storage. this tub is perfect for parents like myself that have zero extra storage or space, not to mention no more scrubbing your tub out every night for bath time. just pop open the flexibath and get to splashing!

{Ahh Presents!!!}

what you will win: one award-winning flexibath tub in your choice of color (blue, pink or white). retail value $43.90. giveaway open to north american residents only.

how to enter: leave a comment on this post stating what splish-splashing your little one would do in the flexibath. the winner will be chosen at random after close of giveaway at 9am est on wednesday, april 13, 2011.

congratulations to grace for winning the coral & tusk giveaway!

Ahhs: Culla Bell, Modern Co-Sleeper

back in 2007, when the culla belly was making its debut, i was still firmly on the no kids ever kick, so needless to say, this beautiful object wasn't of concern to me. oh, how times have changed, but not enough, four years later and it still isn't available in the us market?!?! the bassinet conversion does look a little tippy, but the co-sleep is gorgeous.

Coos Reviews: Adelaide the Flying Kangaroo

i have two beautiful titles from phaidon press to review this week: the first is adelaide the sweet story of a kangaroo that is a little different because she is born with two tiny wings. adelaide takes the reader on an adventure around the globe from india to paris and in the end she finds true love! the whimsical illustrations by the acclaimed illustrator, tomi ungerer, are simple with washes of muted colors. a great bedtime adventure. buy it at coos to about.

Adorn: Toy Box

this toy box by tolix will add a little splash of spring and organization into your playroom or, in my case, living room.

Fashion Coos: Itty Bitties for Your Itty Bitty

you have entered the board and cargo shorts free zone! i love little guys in these tiny little swim trunks, and before you know it they will be too big to pull these off!
1. stella cove blue bird shorts 2. bobo choses sailboat bikinis 3. petite bateau swim trunks 4. boden striped trunks 5. finger in the nose james red gingham shorts 6. kids case red water trunks 7. petite bateau shrew swim shorts 8. stella cove rio shorts 9. bobo choses crescent bloomers 10. funky fish swim diaper 11. mini rodini garda swim pant 13. boden shark trunks

Adorn: T Design Spring Issue

the spring issue of the new york times t magazine features an amazing georgian mansion that a family of six lives in--four little boys! i cannot stop thinking about it. super beautiful. super stylish. basically my dream home. read the article and see more images here.

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