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Adorn: Sayer's Grown Up Room Revealed! {Guest Post by klt:works}

i did it! i moved this weekend. i tell ya, moving pregnant isn't easy. i am very lucky to have a little help tonight in the form of a killer guest post from kristin at klt:works. if you don't know kristin's work you better race to her site now (please come back!) to see some seriously creative toys, tees, mobiles, art and more for kids and adults. tonight kristin is sharing her son's updated grown-up boy room...

{guest post: kristin of klt:works}
my little guy just turned 4 this month so it was a perfect time to update his room a bit. i've loved the transition process from designing his nursery, to coming up with a big boy room & thought i would share some recent photos with you while amanda is busily unpacking boxes & dreaming about her new spaces. sayer, my 4 year old, loves numbers, fire trucks, trains, color, maps, music, books, & drawing. 

we worked together to represent all of these interests to make his room a place where he will be inspired to play & create freely - while keeping some of his favorite decor elements from his nursery. the "s" on the wall that my husband painted, the renovated childhood dollhouse of mine- turned changing table/ toy shelf, the klt:works b&w mobile (one his first and favorites!), carpet tiles, crib converted to toddler bed, & custom book ledges are some of the original nursery design staples. as for the new updates, we have lots of lego storage under his bed now, an old boom box for his audio books & music, a map & vintage globe light, an easel, colorful wall dots, a HUGE stendig calendarnew bedding that he helped pick out, lots of vintage finds & more book storage

this is a room that's  always  evolving & bustling with creative activity. it's safe to say that we all love hanging out in there. thanks for letting me stop by amanda! enjoy creating your new nest!


  1. So glad to see the Oeuf toddler bed for a 4 year old. My 3 year old is still using his and I don't really want to move him up to a twin any time soon!

  2. The room looks amazing. I especially love the style of bookshelves and their location above the bed. I can't wait for toddler bed stage!

  3. What a room! I can see kids going in and being entertained and not coming out for hours. It's deliciously gorgeous & styled without looking cold and made-up for the camera! Not an easy feat. Wow, I think my daughter would absolutely love this room! I know I do.. and how awesome is the colour coordinated books?!

  4. What an awesome room.  Love the big S stencil and the books organized by color!  If I were a kid, I'd never come out!

  5. Love this room! Had to share:

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