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Coo Coo Changes...

my stomach is in knots and butterflies. we finally made the leap and decided we must move before baby number two arrives. well, today we found our dream home (apartment, above) and all i can do is dream of space... my heart does cartwheels thinking about finally setting up a kids room!! still a lot needs to happen before we know if we are moving. i will keep you updated and i might have to go a little mia at the end of the month while we transition.


  1. I cross my fingers that you get that place. looks awesome!
    good luck with everything!

  2. ooh, our old place had onion arches, too! your new apartment looks lovely.

  3. Looks like a dream. Any recommendations on finding a place? Hubs and I are having a hell of a time looking these days with baby in tow. Ughhhh apartment huntin in bk...

  4. karolina, i feel your pain. i am going to shoot you an email with our brokers info. he has great listings and some are no fee.


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