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Coos Reviews: Madii & Dyl, Australian for Pillow

madii & dyl's infant and toddler laxtex pillows are hypoallergenic, natural, washable and my son's current obsession! 

to back-up, this kid has had many opportunities to have a lovey: blabla dolls, jelly cat stuffies, etc. he could care less about them. place an ergonomic latex pillow on his bed and he is smitten! when he wakes up at 3 am and stands at the edge of my bed wanting to get in...what's in his hand? his madii & dyl pillow. in the morning he'll crawl into bed without his pillow and he'll be like mommy my little pillow. it's weird and totally cute.
my son's attachment aside, these pillows are great. i feel like my 2 year old sleeps better on it and doesn't get a sweaty head like he does with a regular pillow. i love that it is made from organic materials and it has two breathable covers to protect it. the pillows come in three sizes: sooki baby ( 3m+); teenii tot (18m+); and mini me (4y+). these hail from australia, but are available at numerous us retailers including amazon. buy madii & dyl teeni tot latex pillowhere.


  1. Is H a side or back sleeper? Alex sleeps on his tummy, not sure he can use a pillow.

  2. I love latex pillow. I suffer from insomnia before but when I started using these kinds of pillow it dramatically improved my sleep. I'm loving those pillow.

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