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Moving Out!

so it's official! we are moving south! southern brooklyn that is. it's a bit bittersweet since i love my williamsburg, but i am trading in great shopping and endless coolness for trees and space. 

sitting here in a forest of cardboard boxes, i sat down to check emails and clicked through the kidsonroof catalogue, which is chock full of the cutest stuff for kids, and thought this picture accurately described my life at the moment. not to mention that these little dolls made from recycled fabric are hopelessly adorable. just quickie posts this week. 


  1. South Brooklyn?  Trees and space?  I need more clues!  Are you moving near me?  So excited for you. 

  2. omg i wish! FURTHER south...ditmas park! i am joining the rich history of great ny'ers that live/lived in the know the guggenheims, the gillettes, now the de beauforts! 


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