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Ahhs: Feeding Baby Organic

if you are anything like me, you want to raise a child with healthy eating habits and an adventurous palate, but for some moms introducing solid foods can be daunting.

i made all henry's food when he was a baby. (before you start rolling your eyes, please know i am pretty freaking lazy.) all i would do is spend a couple of hours (like no more than two) making purees for the week and freeze them. it was so easy and satisfying. the only problem was i'd get stuck in the rut of sweet potatoes and pears after awhile. so having a good cookbook at your side is essential.

the new cookbook 201 organic baby purees by tamika l. gardner (founder of is a trove of inspiring recipes for baby for the first year and beyond. the book is full of helpful tips and has a handy guide to the most pesticide laden fruits and vegetables, not to mention endless (okay, 201) recipes that are good enough to make you drool.

now i will step off my homemade food high horse and say that organic squeezy packs (as i like to call them) are lifesavers in the city, traveling, or those nights when your toddler refuses dinner and you are just too tired to make anything else. mamas you hear me--right? 

there are lots of great organic products on the market right now, but i doubt any of them taste as good as baby least their tropical banana bliss flavor-- the name says it all. i received a sample of some of the flavors and my son and i were fighting over them. no joke! he won of course.

all baby gourmet products are organic, salt and sugar free, and no fillers or preservatives. the angle is baby gourmet has some seriously creative recipes like harvest pear, pumpkin, and banana; juicy pear and garden greens; old fashioned apple crisp; and vanilla banana berry risotto. yum! available at stores nationwide.

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