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Adorn: Sprucing Up with Babyletto

operation nursery is kicking into full gear, i just received the newly released spruce bookcase from babyletto!

since the day i saw shawn soh's tree bookcase at the contemporary furniture fair, i have lusted after its branches. now produced by nursery works (in the same family of companies as babyletto) it is both out of my price range and bit too big for my space. 

so i was delighted to see the spruce. it is the mini version of the soh design--smaller, sleeker and affordable! when i unpacked the box i was impressed at the quality of the construction-- made from solid hardwood and mdf--and even my pregnant brain assembled it in a few minutes! total cinch! i cannot wait to show you how it looks in the room!

babyletto provides a rare and beautiful thing: clean modern furniture for children that is both affordable and high quality. they offer a full range of cribs, rockers. storage and more. including one of my favorite pieces the grayson mini crib that, besides being mini, folds flat. hello new york city apartments! 

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  1. that is slap-me-in-the-face gorgeous! great start to Operation (Obsession) Nesting Nursery ;-)!

  2. I love this bookcase and really want it for our girls room - how does it fit around the baseboard - I can't find any information on it!

  3. Hi Rachael,

    Sorry for the slow response. GOOD question! I had the same quandary when I was installing mine. There are plastic (dry wall screws?) braces that extend out from the wall. It all seems dubious but then I did it and the bookcase is totally secure. If you have any questions BabyLetto was awesome with walking me through it.


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