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Books to Coo About: Cherry Blossoms Mean Spring!

aoki by annelore parot
how quickly the weather changed here in the city! people went from puffer jackets to flip flops and tanks in a matter of days! everything is blooming and it feels wonderful. so in honor of sakura matsuri, the japanese cherry blossom season, i want to share two very special books that landed on my desk recently.

meet yumi and aoki both are the cutest little japanese kokeshi (japanese wooden dolls) and each has a delightful book to explore. author annelore parot takes little aoki through the streets, subway and shops of tokyo. little fingers can open flaps to explore the shelves of a store or find out what's inside aoki's bento lunch.
aoki loves the smell of the sakura
aoki explore tokyo with yoko
cherry blossoms and koi--looks like spring!
yumi's book takes you on an adventure with her best friend as they get ready for a costume party. also full of beautiful illustrations, gatefolds, flaps and peek-a-boo die-cuts. you will be cooing and ahhing along with your little one!

yumi and kimi get caught up in the wind and cherry blossoms
yumi on getting ready for the costume party
party treats!

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