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Hoppy Easter from Grasshopper {Sponsor Highlight}

i'm from alaska and now reside in new york city, but i came here by way of portland, oregon. portland is a beautiful and special place and i love that i can share this little gem of an independent kid's shop with you. 

grasshopper has a curated selection of toys, books, furniture, decor, and clothing for children and babies. stocked full of eco--not to mention beautifully designed--products grasshopper is a must see if you are in portland. but don't worry they have a great online store too! here is a little bunny round-up just in time for easter!
1. hand stitching project, white rabbit  2. blabla pierre the bunny 3. alexa the bunny 4. ms. rabid the rabbit  5. not a box book (love this book!) 6. bonbon bunny

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