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Operation Nursery: Wounded

decorating can be dangerous! i have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the oeuf furniture i ordered and it finally came today!!! woot woot!  when i got home from work i instantly started putting the crib and dresser together (just attaching the legs) and in my excitement i think i hurt something. i am the worst pregnant lady and never take it easy.

above is my inspiration board for the room. you can see i am bit all over the place with the decor but i think it will come together. i'm not a matchy-match kinda gal. i cannot decide on what to do with the windows (fabric ideas on right). anyway off to  the couch to rest my injured body. follow the project on twitter with #operationnursery


  1. Wow, this room will be fantastic! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Can you tell me where the fabric is from? Love it!!

  3. All the links for the fabrics are on my pinterest board here: if you aren't on pinterest, I can email you the links. xo A

  4. You aren't the worst pregnant lady, just the craziest ;-) you take nesting to a whole new level - you're doing the deco for the whole flock! With style....


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