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Ahhs: HanaBlomst

if you creep on design blogs like i do, you might have seen the ceramic hanablomst wares before, but rub your eyes these puppies are plastic! made from recycled PET resin plastic--kinda like melamine, these are dishwasher and microwave safe! 

i love the marketing copy for this brand: 

"hanablomst is a brand that brings together the beauty of two different cultures: the craftmanship and simplicity of japan with the shape, colour and practicality of danish design.

the brand's designers, helle and junichi are based in france. they sought to create a brand that reflected their design roots and were inspired by their toddler daughter lea. her first word was flower in her parents' native tongues; upon seeing a pink camelia in full bloom she said hana in japanese and then immediately said blomst in danish. these were her first words and inspired the world of hanablomst."

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