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Ahhs: Ubbi Diaper Pail

move over diaper genie there is a new stylish poop can in town. the ubbi diaper pail is what i have been waiting for! besides looking fine in an array of colors, the ubbi is made of steel so it doesn't absorb odors like other pails and (drumroll...) no special bags! the ubbi uses regular kitchen bags or you can buy a cloth bag from the ubbiworld site. check it out here.


  1. These are gorgeous! Maybe I could actually figure them out, unlike the Diaper Genie.

  2. i've held out on diaper pails until now. . .but i'm so getting this.  thanks for the tip!!
    ps - should i go lo-pro and get white. . .or get wild with the hot pink?

  3. i had the same dilemma: grey or hot pink or purple. i decided to go grey since i was worried about getting tired of the fun color. that said the colors are so GREAT! I say go hot pink!


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