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Blogger Baby Shower!!!

i have been extremely emotional this week, so please excuse me if this post is overly melodramatic...

i came home today to find a huge box in my hallway. inside was literally a baby shower in box! a group of amazing blogger friends that i have admired and shared with over the years showered me with gifts. none of these women have i met in real life (except for elisabeth), but all the same, they reached out with thoughtful generosity. i feel so lucky and grateful to know you talented and creative ladies. needless to say all the gifts are freaking amazing! and extra bonus they sent me images so i don't have to worry about a post tonight. who says the internet is impersonal? love you gals. xoxo

check out what i got...
thank you rachelle kenziepoo, mr. fox is perfect!

 so sweet! brianne at stroller in the city

can't wait to bath little baby girl! chantale at the adventures of skinny mini kiki, mwah!

 sneaky esther at and bright? i love them and your nails!

 eeeek! elisabeth at the itsy factor/apartment therapy!!! i died when i opened this. looove!

mari at small for big, thank you for these fun and adorable toys!!


  1. Mari, smallforbig.comApril 27, 2012 at 10:14 AM

    Happy to help - the toys are from the company I used to work for, Manhattan Toy - the bear is one of my designs ;)
    Congratulations from afar!!!!

  2. Who doesn't love a package full of presents and best wishes?!  And from such a lovely group :)  Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I had such fun picking something girlie out for you Mamasita!  So excited for you and can't wait to meet the little one.  Kudos to Esther for the brilliant idea.  
    Loves, Elisabeth

  4. amazing gifts!
    i read your post below & thought i'd let you know sometimes does sales with nununu. i bought a little black sweater, and i love it!
    i'm not sure if this link will work without having an account with myhabit. everything is sold out except for one sweater right now, but they had the bodysuits and leggings for $9! 
    i got my sweater for $13. i'm in LOVE with this brand and really hope it becomes more available in the us.

  5. Aw... so happy you love everything. A BIG thanks to Esther for dreaming all this up. You have a lovely wonderful friend there.  I love everyone's choices for you. So cute!

  6. OMG sweetest idea ever!

  7. Yay, so glad that you got all these adorable things!! Esther is amazing for doing such a sweet thing!! Hope you are having a great week! xoxoxo


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