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Hunt & Gather: Pomme {Brooklyn}

when i go into pomme in dumbo, brooklyn i liken the experience to eating a rich dessert. i want to close my eyes--in this case open them-- and say mmmmm.

shop owner ria is one of those effortlessly stylish ladies that is both warm and knowledgeable. she hand picks each item for the store and it shows, from nursery items like auggie bedding to impossible to find egmont animal lamps to makiƩ jumpers and everyday essentials like saltwater sandals. mixed in with high-end designers like stella mccartney and dagmar daley is an amazing selection of hard to find european toys from vilac and miller goodman as well as books, crafts and more!

don't be fooled, pomme isn't the kind of store you feel like your child has to be strapped in his stroller and can't touch anything. there is a play corner with a cardboard rocket ship and books. surprisingly, they also offer haircuts, as well as food, art and music classes in the spacious back room. (the blur in all the pictures is henry running around like a wild man in the shop and no one gave us side eyes).

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