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Ahhs: The Honest Co.

i know everyone is buzzing about this company founded by celeb-mom jessica alba, but i can't help myself! i just did the free trial and even though i am pretty sure it's a bit more expensive than my swedish diapers, i signed up for both the monthly diaper and home essential bundles. why?

well, the diaper are to die for cute--i am such a sucker for design!--not to mention biodegradable/made from plant based materials. as are the bath, body and home products and everything smells like heaven. i am obsessed with the hand soap. also, with the baby just a week away, i like the idea of not having to think about ordering bubble bath, soap and diapers. just having everything arrive sounds like a nice treat for a tired mama! website:: the honest co.


  1. Oh I'm so glad you posted this! I didn't realize they had a free trial. (I wish they didn't believe in automatic enrollment.) How fun. Thanks.

  2. rachael, I totally agree about the automatic sign-up, but in the end it was good since i loved everything.


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