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Books to Coo About: Art School for Tots

road trip? cross country train? overseas flight? whatever your summer travel plans are, you'll need to be prepared with activities for your little ones. check these four super creative books that will be sure to keep hungry minds occupied while thunderstorms close down o'hare for the next three hours.

color-play coloring book: moma is a creative force. they are pumping out high quality children's products and color-play is no exception. kids learn about color and drawing in this oversize book with lots of room to experiment. i want to frame every page of this book.

doodle cook: this book combines two of my favorite things in one: cooking and art. hervĂ© tullet's silly instructions transform each plate-palette into new concoctions like dash stew, hand salad and zigzag soup.

my museum: another great moma product, my museum let's kids create their own galleries while learning about masterworks of art. activity sheets are included so kids can make their own modern masterpiece. this would be a lot of fun to talk along on a city vacation.

dragon, robot, gator, bunny: this sketch pad style book features the silly drawings of calef brown. kids will be giggling their way through the pages as they sketch animals, cars, robots and more. also has stickers in the back!

 and hello? when did coloring books get so damn cool? 

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