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Books to Coo About: The Onion's Great Escape {Phaidon}

from the publishers of some of the most important and beautiful art books comes a new genre of children's activity book and a feat of paper engineering.

the onion's great escape invites little fingers and minds to help free (literally) the onion from the book to avoid falling victim to the big fry. along the way, the reader is asked simple questions like how old are you? and beautifully abstract ones like how big are an elephants thoughts? and what is the length of happiness? with spaces to write in answers. once the onion is free is stands alone in all its glory and the book is forever changed.

a dazzling book that will challenge and inspire both children and adults alike. available for pre-order on phaidon's website or on amazon. now feast your eyes on these illustrations...

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that onion book is awesome!  What a unique presentation. So cool!


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