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Operation Nursery: Hooked on Hooks

i am on the hunt for a good coat rack/ hook thing for the wall. i think the front runner at the moment is this one from all lovely stuff (available at oeufnyc). i like the simple design, yet somehow it feels warm and not overly modern. here are some other finds that i like, although not all go with the room...

 1. land of nod flashy forest wall hook 2. shak-shuka rough seas hook 3. fawn & forest brave space coat range 4. chocolate creative wall hooks
5. smallable constellation wall hook 6. mini bulles wood animal hook (also available in store at pomme) 7. petit home children's coat rack


  1. Those are my favourite coat hooks too!  But they're from 'all lovely stuff' ( :-)

  2. good god! can we blame pregnant brain on that one? thank you! fixed.

  3. Absolutely!  I'm 37 weeks myself, so totally get it...

  4. Really? Wow! me too (well, tomorrow). Congratz! Final countdown here we come.

  5. Yes, yes indeed!  The countdown is definitely on.  I really enjoy your blog, by the way...thank you!


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