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Fashion Coos: Dressing Like a Boy

my mother thinks i don't let my son "be a little boy" since i don't dress him in tonka truck cargos and timberlands. i personally think boys can be little boys by exploring a world of colors and patterns. let the big boys deal with the gender uniforms!

1. zara stripe tee 2. gap dyed shorts 3. natives 4.  nico nico grid tee 5. old navy jeans 6. toms 7. polarn o. pyret tank 8. polarn sorts 9. h & m slip-ons


  1. I hope your mom comes around. I LOVE your blog because I am constantly on the search for boys clothes that don't have ridiculous pictures on them. Girls have so many cute things but when you walk into the boys section of most stores you feel as if the designers have completely lost their mind. Moms of boys have taste too, we shouldn't have to put our little guy in clothes that advertise something he is not. 

  2. this is exactly how i feel! the other day leon was wearing a dusty lavender niconico tank top and grey harem pants. people often confuse him for a girl even though his hair is quite short. the most important thing for me is that he's dressed comfortably, and that usually means soft knit leggings and tees. i can't help that the nicer ones are in gender-neutral colors and prints!

  3. I have the same problem with Henry. He'll be in a neon pink tee and everyone thinks he's a girl. I don't really care, but this makes grandma  click her tongue :) You are only a kid once so you might as well dress like one...meaning FUN!

  4. So many nice things - personally I mix and match - at the moment the baby is in plum coloured trousers and a molo stripy star map top - something I'll put on him if he was a girl as well :)

  5. I so agree with you- there is a real shortage of gender neutral stuff that isn't loaded with cliches in Australian shops. I've been doing a lot of hunting online to find stuff. I would rather support local brands but until I find places that don't box kids into cliches it is. I played with dolls, and I played with my brothers remote control trucks. And goodness knows some boys like to put on their mamas nail polish and lipstick too! Let them be who they are!!!


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