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Fashion Coos: Sogoodnight

i have a little bit of a pajama obsession. i am not sure where it comes from, but, to me nothing feels better than after a long day of play, giving your tot a bath and dressing him in something special...

and special is what you get with the sleepwear from sogoodnight. their pajamas are full of nostalgia with classic english styles for boys and girls and made from gorgeous crisp cotton that doesn't fade or get ratty after several washes--i know first hand!

i would also like to add that this grandpa style of boy's pajama is disappearing from the us market due  to new standards for tight fitting sleepwear, which is a shame.  it's good to know you can still track these styles down overseas. 

1 comment:

  1. love the moon print! where can i get it? thanks


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