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Operation Nursery: Update II

it's a good thing i named this project "operation nursery" since it's taking me forevs to complete it. i have been trying to focus on the room and get her done, but progress is slow... a trip to ikea or an afternoon framing art takes me a week to get to. this is to say, motherhood times two is great, but a ton of freaking work.

truth me told all this build up and support to put together my dream kid's room is a lot of pressure (all self imposed of course) as i get closer to my reveal, the more insecure i feel about the room. silly i know. now i need to track down the before of the dresser shown above. in the meantime follow me on instagram and search #operationnursery to see what i am up to!


  1. Relax- it will be fantastic!

  2. Don't worry! You have impeccable taste and what I saw of the room a few weeks ago was ridiculous gorge!!


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