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What We Wear: American Apparel

i am trying out this new column, you can tell me if it's annoying... but i thought it would be nice to do a series of posts on what i really put my kids in. sure i blog about some gorgeous stuff and if money grew on trees i'd have my kids dressed to the nines. truth be told i stalk sale racks at the fancy/euro shops and get a lot of quality basics-- like american apparel kids.

these are the not basic american apparel kids.

note: henry's pants and adela's bloomers are both ada ada


  1. Not annoying- keep it up.

  2. LOVE the neon onesie!  I like this series.  It's kind of nice to know that you don't dress your kids exclusively in designer makes me feel better about not being able to :)

  3. I love your blog! My little son is often dressed head to toe in AA. Yours are so cute wearing it!
    Is there any way I can follow your blog?

  4. Please keep doing this! I just started a blog about boys apparel and was wondering the same thing. Such a good post, it inspired me to do something similar. Have a look if you like.
    And please continue with this wonderful blog!

  5. Love this idea! That neon onesie is adorable! AA is one of my favs for Atticus too. Their stuff is so soft and is one of the few brands that fit his long + lean body well. 

  6. If you are looking for quality basics check out the newly launched children's wear site . They have some great designer kids clothes that aren't overly expensive! P.S. Love the neon onesie!


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