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Ahhs: Lunch Time!

my goodness! is it really september? we started school a little early, but this week is the beginning of the real school year--uniforms and all. (ironic that my son has to wear a ugly uniform to school--right?) but lucky for me there is no dress code for the lunch! 

here are some personal style statement making lunch totes and boxes that are waldorf school approved (meaning no licensed characters to clog up the imagination)

1. OOTS! lunchbox at fawn & forest 2. lale rose case from molly-meg  3. blafre strongman metal lunchbox from little baby co. 4. fluf red apple lunch bag


  1. Hello, for information the Lale suitcases and the Fluf lunch bag are available on our online store, and we ship from Canada to USA. ;)

  2. I love that you're sending your little one to Waldorf school! We're planning to send ours there when he's older too. I hope that life with two small people is going well and that they're enjoying their gorgeous new room.


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