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Books to Coo About: New Books by Hervé Tullet

hervé tullet's the game... series (phaidon) continues with three new books that are must haves for any tot's library: the game of red, yellow and blue; the game of  sculpture; and the sock-knocking-off, the game in the dark.
the series explores art with imaginative visual stories using color, shape and mind-blowing visual candy. little fingers explore sculpture by popping out die-cut shapes in the game of sculpture or, in the game of red, yellow and blue, tots learn about the mama and papa colors: the primary colors.  in my favorite of the series, the game in the dark, glow-in-the-dark paint illustrates a voyage to the moon. (i cannot stress enough how awesome this book is...i literally gasped when i opened it in the closet. it's truly magical.)   shop hervé tullet on phaidon

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