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Boos & Ahhhhhhhs! Halloween on the Horizon

countdown to halloween begins! i always look forward to the holiday, but it can be stressful if you have no idea what to do about costumes. making something is the best, but who has time? yet most store bought costumes are cheap and tacky. i find a happy medium by starting with a store bought piece that can be used beyond the holiday and going from there. here are some items to inspire little monsters and princesses...

1. oeuf knit dagger 2. gap ghost hat 3. old navy shark hoodie 4. oeuf monster jumper 5. the monsters' monster (our fave book at the moment) 6. super hero mask (my lille limon) 7. oeuf animal booties 8. patouche pirate pants (with sword!)
9. oeuf crown (darling clementine) 10. patouche red hiding hood cap 11. super hero mask (my lille limon) 12. bobo bag (shak-shuka) 13. gap leopard cords 14. eco face paints (shak-shuka) 15. leopard booties (yada yada) 16. bear feet baby ballet slippers

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  1. Love this! I totally agree with the costume thing! These outfits and accessories, give kids a reason to enjoy all season long and be able to leave the house at a moment's notice!


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