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Ahhs: How do you like these Apples?

guess who went apple picking today?! can you believe i have never been apple picking before? well if you haven't done it yet, i say do it. it was really fun and now i am up to my eyeballs in fresh crisp apples. check out pix on my instagram feed.

so of course i had to do an apple round-up. doing this did make me a bit nostalgic for the bobo choses fall collection with all the apples. (fun fact: i bought 2. the green apple and i really want to get 7!)
1. apple coin purse (shak-shuka) 2. happle container 3. apple bracelet (smallable) 4. smafolk apple romper (peter and jane)  5. fine little day apple papple poster 6. smafolk apple onesie (love it love it love it) 7. apple plate (huset shop) 8. oeuf apple cushion 9. w:form apple wallpaper


  1. Apples are such a refreshing and cute fruit. Love the bracelet. I'm a teacher so a bit parcial. thanks! My son will look adorbs in onesie!

  2. Oh I love this...reminds me to unearth the Bobo Apple tights for #2!!


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