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Coos Reviews: A Tribe called...Diaper Bag

first off, i am not a bag person. half the year i carry around a cotton tote bag like a fifteen-year old hipster and the other half i carry a very simple black purse that i have had for ages. so when the lovely ladies at tribe first asked me to check out their bags, i said thanks, but no thanks. i thought "those bags looked nice, but too fancy for me." i liked my tote bag for diapers and snacks. they asked me again. i said, "maybe some other time." finally after seeing these bags featured in a gazillion magazines and blogs, i gave in and said, "okay let me try the bag and see what all the fuss is about..."

when my tribe singapore sling arrived i was immediately struck at the size and the weight. this is a big bag. the sling is constructed out of luxurious premium soft-milled leather with solid metal hardware both can take a beating without flinching--so the weight is understandable. i also soon learned that the large size is a godsend.
during my first pregnancy i wanted a slim diaper bag something i could just throw over my shoulder. then reality set in. you don't carry a diaper bag unless it's from the ikea parking lot to the cart. my diaper bag is always attached to my stroller and you want a big diaper bag otherwise you can't get anything in and nothing is worse than digging around while everything falls out.  

the sling is actually the perfect size. i could easily pack it with essentials for both my toddler and newborn with room for my wallet and make-up bag. although you might need a map to find anything once you pack it because there are a ton of pockets! in addition, it comes with a great changing mat big enough to accommodate wiggly buns and a large secret compartment to stow yucky things. to my surprise it was great to throw over my shoulder or across my body thanks to the adjustable strap. i wouldn't want to walk all day with it, but around the hood it was great.

probably my favorite feature is the top opening. the sling has large zipper pulls that you don't notice until you are juggling a hungry baby on your hip while your toddler is asking for a snack. i could unzip this bag with my elbow if need be! then the whole top flaps open so you always have easy access.

my first outing with the bag i met a friend for breakfast and when she saw the bag she said "is that a balenciaga diaper bag?!" i said, "pretty much!" 

pros. high quality. great design. lots of discreet exterior pockets and a large, easily accessible cargo area. extra large changing pad. this is a bag you will use for a lifetime. 

cons. expensive. bulky. doesn't come with stroller strap attachments.

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