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Fashion Coos: Bringing in the Big Cats

it wouldn't be autumn without an animal print round-up. i am so taken with this trend that i am even looking for some animal prints for me! this season i'm tracking the big cats...

1. leopard spotted balloon (my lille limón) 2. tiger print dress (shak-shuka) 3. cat shirt (noeuf) 4. leopard leggins (nordic kids) 5. leopard tights (sweet william) 6. tiger print 7. tiger says meow print 8. leopard boots (jcrew) 9. white leopard boots (smallable)


  1. the socks, the booties, or the top? which one to choose??? <3

  2. I would like those leapors booties for myself please :). Checking to see if they have adult sizes now!

  3. Love big cats!Mini Rodini does no wrong,love this brand!Oh,and Soft Gallery as well!Great finds!


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