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Fashion Coos: Toto Knits

dark, damp, chilly weather is among us and it's time to break out the sweaters. before you head to the gap to find something on the sale rack get something totally original from toto knits.

using 100% organic cotton and working with a cooperative of single mothers in kenya--who happen to be expert knitters--toto knits creates a full collection of knitted goodness for little ones. from moody, whimsical designs by flannery o'kafka to simply adorable animal sweaters and accessories, toto knits has something for every style. 

toto sent me a stripey pullover sweater and scarf that knocked my socks off. each piece is crafted from high quality yarn and tagged with the name of the woman who knitted it. and as a mother i love that everything is cotton for easy washing. ready for the punchline? this stuff isn't terribly expensive! i was shocked. sweaters are $30-50 and accessories $11-20. each piece is hand-knitted to order. so expect a couple of weeks to receive your one-of-kind heirloom quality piece. believe me, it is worth the wait! shop toto knits

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