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Ahhs: Shak-Shuka Gets Greener! {Discount Code}

one of my favorite places to find toys, clothing, and decor is the online shop shak-shuka. why you ask? well, first of all everything is eco--i'm talking organic cotton, wood toys, and natural art supplies up the wazoo! and secondly, le shak stocks the best designers from across europe that are tough to find in the us: ferm living, janod, deuz, indikidual just to name a name a few. now us folks, you can shop in dollars in the freshly launched usa site! 
1. seventy tree print 2. popupshop tights 3. ferm living basket 4. aarrekid onesie 5. lucky boy sunday necklace 6. janod guitar
in honor shak-shuka is offering 10% off the entire site including current mid-season sale and outlet items for us/$ shoppers only with code: USA. to sweeten the deal, spend a $100 and get a free gift of tinti crackling bath--a favorite in our household! act fast expires friday. nov 9, 2012.  shop shak-shuka usa 

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