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Books to Coo About: Ganesha's Sweet Tooth {Chronicle Books}

our family has a big indian influence. my husband's father is from india.  my husband and his brother ran a indian restaurant for many years. so to find a children's book that introduces little minds to the extremely complex world of hinduism is a treat!

ganesha's sweet tooth (chronicle, 2012) is a very simplified story of the god ganesha and the writing of the epic hindu poem the mahabharata. there are big and small creatures, candy (!!!) kings and queens and much more packed into this bold and colorfully illustrated book. prepare to be dazzled. this is one of my son's favorite bedtime books! 

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  1. Love the graphic artwork. Will definitely be looking it up. Even though I'm Indian, we grew up in a very western manner, going to a British style boarding school, always speaking in and being more comfortable in English than Hindi and so on. But now that my daughter is 2 and a half, I worry that I won't be able to teach her "Indian" love finding things like this.


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