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Holiday Ahhs: Books to Gift! {Gift Guide}

books are the perfect gift. inexpensive and kids big and small love them! here are some of my favorites for bigger ones...
1. i want my hat back2. iggy peck, architect3. stuck4. sparkle and spin5. abc dream 6. this moose belongs to me
7. people8. this is not my hat **garland from my lillie limon

and board books for babies...
9. my animals10. alexander girard color11. hello, animals!12. a book of sleep ** h-luv plush toy


  1. Oh I love the look of those books for babies. Just wish my little one was more into reading the books than eating them...

  2. We have "I Want My Hat Back" and "A Book of Sleep" and Alex loves both of them. I Want My Hat Back is fun for adults too. We've come to say, "OK, thank you anyway" all the time.


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